Bringing Research and Business Together for Colorado

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CO-LABS educates the public, businesses, educational organizations, and government entities about the value of the federally funded laboratories, creates connections between these sectors, and supports retention and expansion of Colorado's scientific resources.


Advancing Colorado's global competitiveness through an interactive, widely supported community of federally funded laboratories, universities, and business.

The CO-LABS consortium includes Colorado federal research laboratories, research universities, state and local governments, economic development organizations, private businesses and nonprofit organizations.   It conducts economic analysis, encourages technology collaboration and provides education programming.   Colorado’s research laboratories are often called upon to solve state, national, and global issues.  CO-LABS plays an important role in bringing together the collective research and development expertise from Colorado.

CO-LABS Activities

  • We collect and analyze data to understand the scientific and economic value of federally-funded research labs in Colorado.  According to a study completed in 2016 by the CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business for CO-LABS, federal labs in Colorado together with their affiliates contributed $2.6 billion to the state economy in fiscal years 2014-2015 and accounted for more than 17,000 direct and indirect jobs. READ MORE>>>
  • We inform the public about what the federal labs do and their scientific and economic value to Colorado.  We promote the work of those federal research labs in COlorado and provide information about technology transfer, testing facilities and scientific specializations. Read what people say about our tours>>>
  • Facilitates interactions between Colorado’s federal labs, universities, and its businesses to enhance the potential for new partnerships, technology transfer, and job creation. See our lab tour schedule>>>
  • We Host the annual Governor’s High-Impact Research Awards celebration to recognize the global research impact  of Colorado-based federal scientists. See the most recent winners>>>


  • "Some economists estimate that about half the nation’s growth in gross domestic product per capita during the last half-century can be attributed to scientific and engineering achievements…In fact, many of the demanding challenges facing the country today will require advances in science and engineering, including challenges in providing health care, supplying energy, protecting the environment, ensuring homeland security, finding and providing water, and maintaining a vibrant economy" - Norman R Augustine, Former Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin and a Denver Native


Established in 2007, CO-LABS is a tax exempt 501c3 that relies on donations from its partners and the public to fund its activities.  To find out more about becoming a CO-LABS partner contact Executive Director Dan Powers at 720-389-0455 or

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