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March 25th, 2015

After 10 years as National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) director, Dr. Dan Arvizu announced in March 2015 his plans to retire from the laboratory and as President of the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC (Alliance), at the end of September 2015.

Alliance was formed by Battelle and MRIGlobal to be NREL's management and operating (M&O) contractor. Alliance, which is equally owned and governed by Battelle and MRIGlobal, is fully accountable to DOE for NREL's performance. The Battelle-MRIGlobal team has a history of successfully working together and takes pride in NREL's long association with DOE.

During Arvizu's tenure, NREL's research portfolio has nearly doubled. High-performance computing, electricity grid integration, and fundamental research in materials and biological science have emerged to complement major technology research and development programs in renewable generation, renewable fuels, and buildings energy efficiency. The stature and value of the laboratory's leading energy analysis capabilities have expanded as NREL has examined increasingly complex issues.

Additionally, NREL markedly increased commercial and public partnerships through which the knowledge and know-how of the laboratory have direct impact in the marketplace. See the full press release for more on Arvizu's accomplishments.

Working closely with NREL leadership, the Alliance Board of Directors will form a search committee comprised of members from both inside and outside the laboratory. The search committee will source and recommend a pool of candidates for the board of directors to consider in selecting the next NREL laboratory director.

This site is designed to provide full transparency of the selection process. Users can find updates on the search, nominate prospective candidates, and apply for the position. Prospect submissions will be shared with the search committee. The identity of all applicants will remain private and confidential throughout the process and will not be shared publically.

The director's position is critical to the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL in addressing national and global energy and environmental challenges, and strengthening the foundations of science and engineering that enable energy technology and system innovation. The new director will guide the lab's vision, and set and implement future strategy to deliver high-quality, transformational science and clean energy innovations in the nation's interest.

Alliance and NREL staff members sincerely thank Dr. Dan Arvizu for his exceptional service to the laboratory, and the nation, as the laboratory embarks on identifying the next director who will write the next chapter in NREL's remarkable history.