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NCAR developed and Vaisala commercialized the dropsonde, a meteorological instrument that is deployed from an aircraft into hurricanes to improve both track and intensity forecasts

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This past July in Boulder, Colorado the 4th Annual Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership (ECEP) Workshop brought together a  diverse  range  of  expertise  from  industry,  academia,  research  organizations,  government, indigenous, and  other  non- governmental  organizations. Key  risk  and  resilience  issues experienced  by  Indigenous  Peoples,  and  urban  planning,  defense  and  agriculture  sectors were explored through a series of panel discussions and breakout sessions. Participants had a  strong  focus  on  the  decision  needs  to  support  resilience,  and  better  understanding  of climate  related  risks.  Communication  was  a  prevailing  theme  of  the  workshop;  from communicating  exposure  to  risk  and  perceptions  of  uncertainty,  to  relevant  decision  and investment timeframes, to articulating problems and economic impacts more clearly. The  wealth  of  existing  decision-support  tools,  their  uptake  and  relevance  were  also discussed. 

ECEP  is  well  placed  to  lead  the  way  with  standardizing  tools  and  assisting  with tool selection. The workshop concluded with an assessment of priority activities for the next year:

• Create specific implementation, business or marketing plans to accompany the high
level strategic plans for ECEP and GRRIT
• Submit proposal to the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change challenge
• Incorporate  and  support  collaborator  activities  related  to  GRRIT  framework
• Explore setting up an exchange program, for NCAR scientists or other academics to
spend  time  in  an  active  decision-making  environment  and  vice-versa,  to  enable
cross-disciplinary working.

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