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NCAR developed and Vaisala commercialized the dropsonde, a meteorological instrument that is deployed from an aircraft into hurricanes to improve both track and intensity forecasts

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As you know, Colorado is fortunate to be home to more than 30 federally-funded research laboratories and joint institutes, with world-class discoveries constantly being revealed in the realms of climate science, public health, agricultural production, geologic science, renewable energy, quantum physics and much more.

We sincerely appreciate the involvement and continued support that so many of you have provided over the years to CO-LABS through membership, sponsorship and various means of volunteerism. From our bi-annual Economic Impact Study (latest update to be released soon) to our tours of the labs, social gatherings, communications and the Annual Governor's Award for High-Impact Research - our mission is to ensure that the ecosystem of research labs, universities, entrepreneurs, public agencies and private sector innovators is nurtured and supported - ultimately we work to ensure the federal labs stay funded and stay here, to the benefit of all Coloradans and our country.

As we look to 2017, the profound importance of science as a contributor to an innovative economy and fully informed policy-making cannot be understated.

Need a little more prompting? Read these recent testimonials on the value of CO-LABS' event on October 6, 2016 from a wide cross-section of educational, civic, economic development and scientific supporters. Plus: Colorado Gives Day features a $1 Million Incentive Fund. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, which increases the value of every dollar donated.