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Dan Powers
January 30th, 2019

January 30, 2019:  From FedWeek (read the full article) Federal employees who went unpaid due to the partial government shutdown are to start receiving their back pay as soon as today (Wednesday) in some cases, although many agencies have told their employees to expect it tomorrow, and others still have not been specific, leaving open the possibility of the pay not coming until Friday or even later.

Agencies are working under a recent law’s requirement to pay employees “as soon as possible” and “regardless of the pay cycle”; both OPM and OMB also have urged them to act promptly, as have a number of members of Congress.

Because the shutdown ended in the middle of a biweekly pay period, a special distribution was needed, short-cutting a process that normally takes about a week after an employee has filed a time and attendance report at the end of a pay period.