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NCAR developed and Vaisala commercialized the dropsonde, a meteorological instrument that is deployed from an aircraft into hurricanes to improve both track and intensity forecasts

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The Infectious Disease Research Center  At Colorado State Univeristy was honored as the winner of  the Colorado Manufacturing Awards (CMAs) for 2019 Bioscience/Medical Manufacturer of the Year. The announcement came at the 4th Annual CMAs gala reception held on April 4, 2019 at the Cable Center on the Denver University campus. 

200 people representing various manufacturing entities came from  from Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, the national organization - Manufacturing Extension Partnership plus representatives from IDRC/BioMARC and the Colorado State Univeristy  Office of the Vice-President for Research. The selection of the IDRC was made on the basis of its program of work in supporting the development and  manufacture of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccine products on behalf of government, academic and private sector organizations carried out under the BioMARC operation led by John Wyckoff, Joanna Ellinghuysen, Darragh Heaslip, Celeste O’Connor, JaNae Myers, and Sandy Brown and an incredible team of Research Associates, administrative professionals, students and staff. 



CSU IDRC wins 2019 BioScience Manufacturer of the Year Award