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NCAR developed and Vaisala commercialized the dropsonde, a meteorological instrument that is deployed from an aircraft into hurricanes to improve both track and intensity forecasts

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A Colorado State University project to grow and harvest ocean macroalgae for biofuel production has received support from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

ARPA-E has poured over $22 million into their Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources (MARINER) program, with the aim of establishing the U.S. as a leader in biofuel production. CSU Energy Institute Researcher Jason Quinn’s project was one of 18 recently selected. Quinn is also an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

NASA has selected LASP to provide the Surface Dust Analyzer (SUDA) instrument for NASA’s mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. The Europa Clipper will orbit Jupiter and conduct detailed reconnaissance of the moon through low-altitude flybys. SUDA’s objective is to identify the material ejected from the surface to determine if Europa could have conditions suitable for life.

Jupiter’s strong magnetic field traps radiation much like Earth’s Van Allen belts, and high-energy particles can damage spacecraft and instrument electronics. The Europa Clipper and SUDA must be engineered to operate in a radiation environment thousands of times more intense than the Earth’s, use a minimum amount of power, and survive a harshly cold thermal environment.

CO-LABS connects and promotes the diverse world-class federally-funded research occurring throughout Colorado. Our Science Matters newsletter will keep you informed about compelling projects, discoveries and events making Colorado one of the nation's premiere hubs for science and engineering advances.

As federal budget decisions are taking center stage, we work to educate our elected officials and civic leaders on the intellectual and economic value of more than 30 national research laboratories, institutes and partnering organizations including universities and colleges. We are supported by our powerful network of economic development agencies, public sector partners and innovative businesses, plus individual champions of science. 



The Research Innovation Center (RIC) at the Foothills campus of Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins is Colorado’s premier life science company accelerator. Companies at various stages in their development can benefit from locating in this state of the art facility.

Rentable space includes 21 different lab configurations totaling 7,500 sq. ft., 1,700 sq. ft. of private offices, and > 6,000 sq. ft. of common space. Located within the CSU Infectious Disease Research Center, the complex is a lively hub of translationalstage research where academic and industry researchers can mingle.

Join us March 19 - 23, 2018 as dozens of aerospace organizations and tech-industry partners, government and academia come together for a full week of  aerospace activities! Learn how Colorado has come to have one of the largest space economies per capita in the nation and how to support aerospace in our state. 

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